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Our Story

The Bent Fork Story

We started meal prepping for a small group at a local gym, and it exploded into something that our community has really been excited about! Catering was the foundation of the business, which started 8 years ago. We can cater any size event from 10 guests to over 300. We offer a wide range of menu items, and also allow our customers to customize their catering menus.

Our mission is to create authentic, good food for people. To make their lives easier, and to make it easier for them to eat healthier and feel better about what they are consuming. We also strive to give back in every way that we can to those in need. We are fun, energetic and love helping others as Jesus would.

Jerrod & Christa, owners

Jerrod & Christa Pulliam

Owner/Kitchen Ninjas

Hi everyone! This is Jerrod & Christa Pulliam. Jerrod was born and raised in Lawton, OK. Christa was born in Germany but was raised in Lawton also. We met in 2008 and it's been love ever since. We figured out 2.5 years ago that we absolutely love working together when we helped launch The Bent Fork with Brick & Mortar. We both have been involved with the business since it started almost 8 years ago. We recently have been given the opportunity to own this great business as it will continue to be a family legacy. We both served in many trades but we are excited to now be business owner's.


The Bent Fork has been locally owned and operated for the past 8 years. Lindsey DeWolf is the founder. She has been a mentor in the kitchen on how to create flavorful dishes, catering, and most of all sparking a new love for cooking within us. 


We have been married for 10 years and we are so blessed to have 4 crazy, beautiful kiddos: Marley, Deuce, Madden, & Robert who keep us on our toes! 


Cooking is one of our many crafts and love how food can bring people together. Cooking is a great way to be creative, relief stress, and brings us happiness. Currently, we cater special events, private parties, and we offer Meal Prep services each week for those people who are always on the go!

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