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Good Food.

Grandmother Helen's contribution

The Bent Fork

Meal Prep

100% original, unique, and thoughtful recipes make The Bent Fork your top option for premiere, pre-made cuisine.


We're founded and based in Lawton, OK, serving Lawton and surrounding areas with one of the most modern and versatile menus you'll find.


Our services include meal preparation plans for individuals or groups looking to maintain a specific diet.


We are family owned and operated. We understand and appreciate the value of a good homecooked meal. And that's what we give you. Every ingredient is handled with care and prepared with a Mother's Love.


Take a look at our photos and menus and call us today to book your next meal!

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Meal Preparation

The Bent Fork takes meal prep orders. See our menu here, and order now today to eat good for the next few weeks!

We wish to create authentic, good food for people. To make lives easier, and to make it easier for others to eat healthier and feel better about what they are consuming. We also strive to give back in every way that we can to those in need.


We are sassy, have fun, and love helping others.

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Meal Prep
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